Cascades North River® Beverage Napkins 1/4 1 ply 2222 These beverage napkins are perfect for caterers, hotels and bars CALL FOR QUOTE
Cascade North River® Dinner Napkins 1/8 1 ply 2404 Made from 100% recycled fibre and are the most environmentally preferable option available on the market CALL FOR QUOTE
Cascades Elite™ Dinner Napkins - 1/8 2ply 2754 These napkins are remarkably soft, highly absorbent and provide incomparable comfort. CALL FOR QUOTE
Cascade Busboy® Foodservice Wipers - Green 3202 Busboy® Foodservice Towels are the ideal replacement for linen rental or cloth dish towels. Busboy Towels are absorbent, reusable and can be used in virtually any surface cleaning application. CALL FOR QUOTE
Decor® Junior Tall Fold Napkins, 1 ply 82550 Decor® napkins provide a level of quality that effectively meets everyday needs. CALL FOR QUOTE

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